Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. is an arts and culture nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 equivalent status authorized to receive tax deductible donations in Mexico, the United States and Canada.


Support education, dissemination and promotion of the diversity of guitar music in Mazatlan.


Improve the quality of life of girls and boy in Mazatlan through the guitar.


Its Artistic Program, promotes a rich, varied and world-class quality cultural offer, integrating the community that lives and endorses the Historic Center of Mazatlán, by presenting the most outstanding guitarists on the national and international scene. The artistic talent of the Guitar Season is mostly made up of young performers with extraordinary sensitivity and accomplished artistic talent.

Like the Eurostrings model, the program provides invited artists with production, marketing and management tools for entrepreneurship, developing creativity, generating innovative proposals and thereby access decent and better payed jobs. Since 2019, we have joined the PRS Foundation’s #KeyChange initiative to achieve that in 2022: half of the invited artists are women and at least one work by a women composer is included in each concert.

Currently, we are about to start the Education Program: Nucleo Infantil de Guitarristas which seeks to integrate girls and boys from the community of the Center of Mazatlán into a Children’s Orchestra where they will learn to get to know and relate to each other through the guitar: allowing that they increase their self-esteem, explore their identity, regulate their emotions, implement a culture of effort and / or improve their teamwork; in addition to implementing attitudes such as self-discipline and persistence, improve their ability to communicate, listen, and respond appropriately as well as negotiate conflict.

The program will identify the barriers that prevent girls and boys from attending these types of activities and will train teaching artists to achieve a meaningful learning experience and a violence-free environment.


Eng. Luis Ángel García
Chief Executive Officer

B. Perla Morena
Programs Director

Eng. Julio Birrueta
Marketing Director


B. Mus. René Báez
B. Mus. Jorge Birrueta
Prof. Jesús García
Board Member


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