Alberto Quintanilla

Guitar virtuoso Alberto Quintanilla presents a concert with musics from Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Mauro Giuliani, Johann K. Mertz, Leo Brouwer and Ernesto Hernández Lunagómez.

Thursday 21st – 8:00 p.m.
$149 MXN

Socixl – Constitución 207, Centro, Mazatlan
Streaming by GuitarraMazatlán TV
Guitar Season 2020-2021

Alberto Quintanilla guitarrista

During the concert you can listen to the beauty of the smell of old wood from the music of Silvius Leopold Weiss’ who, like J. S. Bach, composed the most representative pieces for the plucked string repertoire; the rascal black humor from Rossini’s operas made an athletic medley for the guitar by Mauro Giuliani; the poetic burden of Hungarian nationalism in the Hungarian Fantasy by Johann K. Mertz – contemporary of Franz Liszt; the Yoruba song, quejíos and flamenco melismas of Sonata No. 1 by the Cuban Leo Brouwer; and the singing of Vicente Huidobro – Pablo Neruda’s contemporary Chilean poet – made sound through the guitar in the Sonata No. 2 by the Veracruz composer Ernesto Hernández Lunagómez.


Tombeau sur la Mort de M. Comte D’Logy – Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1686-1750)

Rossiniana Op. 119 No. 1 – Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)


Hungarian fantasy- Johann K. Mertz (1806-1856)

Sonata No. 1 – Leo Brouwer (n. 1939)
I. Fandangos y boleros
II. Sarabanda de Scriabin
III. Toccata de Pasquini

Sonata No. 2 – Ernesto Hernández Lunagómez (n. 1974)
– Canto I
– Canto II
– Canto III
– Canto IV
– Canto V
– Canto VI
– Canto VII

Alberto Quintanilla – guitar


Born in the city of Salamanca, Guanajuato, in 1998, he began his musical studies in April 2010, at Creativa Instituto Moderno de Música y Artes A.C. taking the chair of guitar with maestro Juan José Barrón. He has been recognized in various national and international competitions, obtaining a total of 21 awards, among which are the 1st place in the 2013 Salamanca National Guitar Competition, 1st place in the 2015 Colima International Guitarromanía Festival Competition, 1st place in the National Competition de Guitarra Paracho 2016, 2nd place in the International Youth Competition of the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) in Fullerton, California 2017, 1st place in the Culiacán International Guitar Competition 2018, 2nd place in the National Guitar Competition “Revueltas” Durango 2019 .

He obtained the 2018 Morelia Youth Merit Award, in the Artistic-Cultural field. In 2015 he participated in the record recording “Guitarrerías”, produced by the recording engineer Xavier Villalpando. In March 2019 he recorded his first solo album under the record label AdLIB Music.

He has offered concerts in various stages in Mexico and the United States, among which include: Trinity University, Columbia College and within the framework of the Latin American Festival of Chicago, Casa de la Cultura de Salamanca Guanajuato, Centro Cultural “El nigromante” in San Miguel de Allende, Reception Hall of the National Museum of Art (MUNAL) in Mexico City, “Alfonso Michel” University Picture Gallery in the city of Colima, Center for Guitar Research and Development (CIDEG) in Paracho, Auditorium of UAS Radio and Pablo de Villavicencio Theater in Culiacán Sinaloa, as well as various occasions at the Niños Cantores Room of the Conservatory of Music of the Roses in Morelia, Michoacán.

As an important part of his training, he has received master classes from distinguished musicians such as Mauro Zanatta, Matteo Mela, Edoardo Catemario, Denis Azabagic, Timo Korhonen, Juan Carlos Laguna, Pablo Garibay, René Izquierdo, Hopkinson Smith, Pavel Steidl, Remi Boucher, David Russell, among others. He is currently studying under the tutelage of Maestro Rodrigo Nefthalí at the Conservatorio de Música de las Rosas in the city of Morelia, Michoacán.


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