Daniel Torres

Guitar player and composer Daniel Torres presents a program with musics by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Eduardo MartÍn, Roland Dyens and his own.

Thu 18th – MARCH 2021 – 8:00 p.m.
$149 MXN

📍 Socixl – Constitución 207, Centro, Mazatlán
Streaming on-demand at GuitarraMazatlán TV
Guitar Season 2020-2021

Daniel Torres guitarrista

Enjoy an unforgettable night in the company of your friends to the sound of the guitar music of Mazatlan born Daniel Torres, Brazilian Tom Jobim, Cuban Eduardo Martín and French Roland Dyens. During the concert you can listen to the carnival and the Brazilian popular music of A Felicidade by Antonio Carlos Jobim co-authored with Vinicius de Moraes; the Cuban instruments and clave, seasoned with seductive articulations of a pop language that mediates between modern Latin-jazz and the open harmonies of the classic insular bolero in Eduardo Martín’s Inevitable; the improvisational art and liberated fire of Roland Dyens; and the universe of styles and sounds that draw from attractive jazz sources and, above all, multi-ethnic sources such as tango, Brazilian popular music and regional music of Sinaloa from the compositional mastery of Daniel Torres.


A Felicidade – Tom Jobim (1927-1994)

Unavoidable – Eduardo Martín (n. 1956)

Seventh Winter – Daniel Torres (n. 1987)

Farewell Lighthouse – Daniel Torres


Olas Altas – Daniel Torres*

Preludio & Evening Sunday – Daniel Torres*

Sinestesia – Daniel Torres*

Libra Sonatine – Roland Dynes (1955-2016)
III. Fuoco

Daniel Torres – guitar
*Polen Pérez – flute


Professional guitarist graduated from the Higher School of Music of the National Institute of Fine Arts, in Mexico City and Bachelor of Music Therapy from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Salvador, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Throughout his career he has been invited as a musician and academic in various forums, universities and national and international festivals such as the Latin American Guitar Festival, Columbia College of Chicago (United States), Escola de Música Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil ), Floripa Jazz Festival (Florianopolis), Blue Note (Rio de Janeiro), Blue Note (Sâo Paulo), Junín Music Conservatory (Argentina), Maza University (Mendoza, Argentina), Quintandinha Palace, Bourbon Festival (Paraty) , Bicentennial Museum, Embassy of Mexico in Argentina.

Composer and musical director of DANTOR project with which since 2013 has performed in national and international forums and festivals of JAZZ and MUSIC OF THE WORLD. This project has obtained the Ibermúsicas mobility grant to carry out his first South American tour by presenting the SINESTESIA album, recorded in the studio of engineer Daniel Bitrán and mastered by Argentine Andrés Mayo.

Since 2013 he works as a Music Therapist in the clinic with children with autism, he works as a music therapist with vulnerable communities, treating the musician’s depression and stress. As of January 2020, he was appointed coordinator of the Music Therapy area of ​​the Faculty of Music of the UNAM. He is director of the Specialization Diploma in Applied Music Therapy of the Center for Research and Studies of Music (Mexico City).


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Listen to Daniel Torres latest album: Sinestesia


Daniel Torres Guitar Season Concert

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