Coronavirus has affected severely the musicians in Mazatlán and their ability to support their families.
Music will be the last activity to reopen according to cultural and health officials.
You can help the musicians of Mazatlán and their families rushing your gift to the Mazatlan Musician’s Emergency Relief Fund before July 31st.

Hernán Salazar is a young guitarist from Mazatlán, just 19 years old. From an early age he has played in busses and street stalls for a living. He is the youngest of 3 children and the one in charge of supporting his family, his father lost his sight due to severe complications caused by advanced diabetes 8 years ago.

COVID-19 has made it impossible for Hernán to work day by day, so he risks his life,  his father’s, sister’s and brother’s – who also began to lose his sight – going out to play on the street to bring something to their table.

He had to pawn his instruments and what little equipment he had to be able to cope with this crisis. His entire family is unemployed – his brother lost his job due to the coronavirus – and he is the only one who could contribute.

He wants to enter the University and study classical guitar. As a little boy he wanted to write songs. Encouraged by his dad he started to play the instrument. For Hernán studying music was a watershed, he says:

“My life perspective changed, whenever I have a problem music helps me, I don’t have money and I start to play, I feel that my way of seeing life changed with guitar and music. It’s a lovely environment with lots of friends, it made me calmer and peaceful.”

One of his great influences is the gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reindhart, his goal is to study in France to follow in the footsteps of his idol, venture into music production and be a great concert artist.

Coronavirus cases have rebounded in the last week in Mazatlán, there are more than 2,000 people who dedicate  to music in the city and this activity will be the last to reopen, according to the health and culture authorities.

You can help musicians like Hernán by making a gift to the the Mazatlan Musician’s Emergency Relief Fund. With as little as $10 USD you will help people like him, who lost their jobs overnight and the ability to support their families.

Your immediate response will:

  • Make Hernan focus on his studies and support his family.
  • Have something to eat on their table.
  • Pay utilities like rent, water, electricity and gas.
  • Prevent him being infected by coronavirus.

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