In recent days, Mexico and Mazatlán have been shaken by the death of Giovanni López due to the excessive use of force by elements of the Police in Jalisco, who was detained for not using a face mask on the street, meanwhile the world was reacting with public demonstrations to George Floyd’s death under similar circumstances.
Like you, we believe that music and the arts are a means to dialogue with other people through our differences, identifying our similarities and respecting what makes us unique.
We reject any type of violence, but above all, the one that is executed by the corporations and government institutions that are supposed to protect its citizens.
We know that you also care about the musicians in Mazatlán and their families. Unfortunately, coronavirus cases have increased dramatically in our port of Mazatlán, and musicians are unable to return to work or put something to eat on their tables for their families.

You, who love Mazatlán and its music, can help them through the Mazatlán Musician’s Emergency Relief Fund. Click here to learn more about the Fund and find ways to give, or visit

Thanks people like who love Mazatlán and its music, the Mazatlan Musicians Emergency Relief Fund has distributed more than $1,700 USD in emergency grants that has benefited more than 40 people. Rush your gift before July 31st.

You can read how you can change the life of musicians like Hernán making a gift to the Mazatlán Musician’s Emergency Relief Fund.