Thursday 15th – 20:00
Sunday 18th – 12:00

Socixl – Constitución 207, Centro, Mazatlán
Streaming at GuitarraMazatlán TV
Guitar Season 2020-2021

Mariana Gómez presents The Color of the Mexican Guitar, a program with musics from Bolio, García de León, Oliva, Gómez, y Ponce.

During this concert you will be able to listen to works by Consuelo Bolio, whose musical poem is a canvas in the style of Frida Kahlo or Remedios Varo that refers to the serene beauty of cool-jazz ballads; the sounds of the night of Veracruz in the music of Ernesto García de León; the full happiness that exudes – in the manner of Chopin – Sonata del Amor by Julio César Oliva; Jaime Gómez’s pieces that evoke luminous Purépecha afternoons; and by Manuel M. Ponce – composer of works such as Estrellita – Sonata Mexicana, composed at the request of Andrés Segovia and where Mexican folk motifs can be heard to paint this sound canvas as if it were a vast and majestic landscape by José María Velasco.


Evocación (Evocation)Consuelo Bolio (n. 1962)

Prelude Op. 26 – Ernesto García de León (n. 1952)

Sonata del amor (Love sonata)Julio César Oliva (n. 1947)
I. Arcoiris (Rainbow)
II. Romance (Romance)
III. Atardecer de amor (Evening of Love)
IV. Plenitud (Fullness)


En un país lejano (In a far Country)Jaime Gómez Martínez (n. 1962)
Dos historias (Two stories)

Sonata mexicana (Mexican sonata)Manuel M. Ponce (1882-1948)
I. Allegro moderato
II. Adantino affettuoso
III. Allegro in tempo di serenata
IV. Allegretto un poco vivace

Mariana Gómez – guitar


She began her music studies at the age of 7 with his father Jaime Gómez. Later with outstanding guitarists as teachers, with whom she extraordinarily developed her guitar skills. The guitar has taken her to different stages in the USA, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, the Czech Republic, Italy, Canada and Spain. Multi-awarded in international guitar competitions, artistic merits and cultural projects, she is also the artistic director of one of the most important Festivals in Latin America such as the Paracho Guitar Festival and Founder of the Ibero-American Guitar Organization. She finished her degree in Music with excellence from the U.M.S.N.H. in Mexico and currently is receiving a grant from the Liceu Conservatory Foundation, where she is studying a Master Degree with the prestigious musician Guillem Pérez-Quer in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Today she is considered one of the young promises of classical guitar that highlights female participation in the world of music.

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Mariana Gómez – Estrellita – Manuel M. Ponce

Julio César Oliva talks with Mariana Gómez

Mariana Gómez and Julio César Oliva analyzing Sonata del amor

Mariana Gómez – El carnaval de Venecia – Francisco Tárrega