Read how you can change lifes in Mazatlán by donating to the Mazatlan Musician’s Emergency Relief Fund, click here.

The Mazatlan Musician’s Emergency Relief Fund is designed to help those musicians from the Mazatlán community who have been economically affected by the cancellation of their concerts by COVID-19 and/or by the loss of their jobs overnight.

100% of these funds will go to artists who have lost income due to cancellations and work stoppage due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This emergency funding will help musicians in need with rent, food, utilities, and medical needs and thus survive this emergency. Each individual may request funds for up to $ 6,000.00 pesos ($230 USD). If funds allow and the contingency is extended, reapplications wil be considered.

Thanks to you, the Fund has already distributed more than $1,700 USD as emergency grants that have helped more than 40 people including musicians in Mazatlán and their children:

Ronald Bonner
Carolina Burgueño
Beatriz López Díaz de León
Oralia Burgueño
Guillermo Sienra
Henry J. Thomas
Christina Stafford
Aurora García
María Osuna
Patricia Hall
Nashieli Buelna
Eileen Reimche
Gabriela Garcia
Kim Novak
Rhonda Kibblewhite
Pete Larson
Elisa Ramírez
Julio Birrueta
Maria Rubio
Nancy Karely Leyva
Amy Farca

Robert Robertson (in memoriam)
Joe Carchi
Rodolfo Madero
Samuel Maynez
John Temple (2)
Susan Paas & Alfredo Reynaga
Jorge Reyes & Aurea García
Tania Carrasco
Deborah Van Hook
Victoria Kjos
David Bazaldua
Thea Unger
Michael Powers
Kathy Thompson
Luis Martínez
David Morrow
Esperanza Rubio
Greta Heady
Cynthia Zatarain
Elsa Bojórquez
Cheryl Morris
Rebeca Llamas

BeNOW Consulting
Isabella Sommer
Horacio Franco
Richard & Alana Eager (4)
Donald Wright (2)
Dotty Kuhn
Courtenay Frisch
Denise Walstead
Dianne Hoffner & Gregory Webb
Carol Flato
Arturo Fuentes
Graciela Ríos
Jorge García
Cinthya Hoffman
Carlos Suárez
Linda McHenry
Linda Arroyo
Ingrid Chavez
Lee A. Harrison
Othello Solutions SC
Anonymous (8)


The funds come from donations from individuals like you who care about the Mazatlan musicians and their families, and who love the music that is made and lives in the port.

All contributions to the fund are tax deductible. To obtain your invoice send an email to after making your most generous gift.

Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 equivalent status and is authorized to receive tax deductible donations in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. You can also make an unrestricted tax deductible donation cliciking here.


Any musician in Mazatlan who has had a canceled show or was left without a job can participate. Priority will be given to people over 60 years old, with disabilities and those who have no other source of income. Eligible candidates have to meet some simple criteria (having lost their job, canceled events, filling out the form, living in the municipality of Mazatlan) and will be supported as long as the funds continue to be available.


Applications to the Fund are now closed.