Safe Distance and Security Protocol

Given the health emergency of SARS-CoV-2, Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. implements the following security protocol to safeguard the integrity of its attendees and allow the performance of cultural activities in a safe and healthy way. This protocol is based on the measures recommended by the Basic Guide to Reopening for Cultural Spaces issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health of the Government of Mexico.

The artists and staff that work at the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. They are constantly monitored and preventive questionnaires are carried out to know if they or people with whom they had contact have presented symptoms of COVID-19 or presented a temperature of more than 38º Celsius in the 21 days prior to the concert.

Before and after each concert the venue will be cleaned and disinfected. Before access to the public, the body temperature of each of the attendees will be measured, in case of presenting a temperature of more than 38º Celsius, access to the venue will be denied. During public access, antibacterial gel will be offered to each of the attendees.

During the concert the chairs will be placed 1.5 meters apart, allowing people to sit in groups of up to 4 people at a time. The use of a mask is mandatory at all times. In the event that it is observed that an assistant does not comply with this measure, they will be invited to use it and if they oppose any type of resistance they will be invited to leave the venue.

The capacity allowed during the concerts will be governed by the state epidemiological traffic light issued by the Ministry of Health of the Federal Public Administration.

In case the traffic light is red, the concerts will be held without an audience. In the event that the traffic light is orange or yellow, only 50 people will be allowed to enter. In the event that the traffic light is green, the capacity may be filled up to 100 attendees.

When the concert cannot be held with an audience due to the change in the epidemiological traffic light, attendees have the right to exchange their ticket for one at a later concert. In addition, they will be given two digital tickets so that they can watch the concert via streaming on GuitarraMazatlan TV.

The Mazatlán Guitar Society, A.C. You can deny entry to any attendee who does not follow the measures set forth in this protocol, without being entitled to a refund of your ticket.