Terms & Conditions

This terms and conditions of use of service are a translation of the Terms and Conditions written in Spanish. For interpretation matters the Terms & Conditions that apply are those in Spanish. To read the Terms and Conditions in Spanish please visit www.guitarramazatlan.org/terminos/.

Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C., hereinafter referred to as “THE SOCIETY” is a non-profit organization authorized to receive tax-deductible donations in Mexico, the United States and Canada. Its fiscal address is Zacatecas 935, Col. Sánchez Celis, CP: 82120 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. The organization is the owner of the websites www.guitarramazatlan.org, www.mazatlanguitar.org and www.ilovemazatlanmusic.org as well as all its subdomains and the brands Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán and GuitarraMaztlán TV. The organization’s means of contact is the email hola@guitarramazatlan.org

The user or buyer, later called “THE USER” accepts these terms when using the web pages mentioned in the previous paragraph or buying any of the services and / or products offered by the Company either on its web sites or at any another physical or digital distribution channel. The currency used on this website is the Mexican peso except when another currency is explicitly mentioned.

Buying a ticket in person gives you access to the Socixl Colab venue located at Calle Constitución 207, Centro, CP: 82000 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa on the day and time that the concert indicates. The entrance time to the concerts is 45 minutes before the event.

“THE USERS” and those attending the concerts are obliged to follow the Safety and Healthy Distance Protocol that is implemented in epidemiological contingency situations, available for consultation at www.guitarramazatlan.org/protocolo/.

In the event that the buyer does not show up for the concert, they will not be able to exchange it for another at a later date and the cost of this will not be refundable.

In case the event has to be rescheduled due to weather contingency, the ticket will be valid for the new date that is rescheduled. The buyer may choose to exchange the ticket for another at a later date and time. The cost of the ticket will be non-refundable if the buyer cannot show up on the new rescheduled date.

In case of refund, this will be made through the payment method with which the purchase was made. Changes in face-to-face or digital tickets, as well as merchandise, will not be accepted, except for the causes that are expressly mentioned in these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the user to verify that the purchase details are correct.

When the concerts cannot be held with an audience due to a health or epidemiological emergency, the attendees have the right to exchange their ticket for one at a later concert. In addition, they will be given two digital tickets so that they can watch the concert via streaming on GuitarraMazatlan TV.

Buying a digital ticket gives you access to watch the transmission via streaming of the selected concert on the portal tv.guitarramazatlan.org on the day and time that the concert indicates and until 11:59 p.m. of the 15 days after the performance of the event. This ticket and the access code is non-transferable and only authorizes the concert to be played on a single screen.

The Mazatlán Guitar Society, A.C. It is not responsible for possible technological, software, hardware or hacking failures that occur during the transmissions of the or any failure that prevents access to the user who bought a digital ticket.

Under no circumstances will the cost of the digital ticket to the concerts be refundable for buyers.

When you buy a Membership or Digital Pass, you will receive an access code where you can purchase the products you purchased by entering the same in the Eventbrite ticket platform. It is the responsibility of “THE USER” to check their email tray as well as other trays such as the trash or SPAM of the email they provided when making their purchase.

The benefits granted by the face-to-face ticket and the memberships can only be exchanged 1 single time at the establishments of our commercial partners. These benefits may be modified without prior notice and are subject to availability. To consult the benefits of our commercial partners visit www.guitarramazatlan.org/beneficios/

All offers announced by the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. They are for a limited time, subject to availability and may be modified without prior notice.

In the event that a buyer violates the terms and conditions described here, as well as the Security and Sana Distancia Protocol, the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. You can deny access to the concerts temporarily or permanently, both in person and on the digital streaming platform located at tv.guitarramazatlan.org.

Likewise, users who share the password or access code to the streaming to an unauthorized third party agree to pay a consideration for repairing the damage to the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. of $ 45,000.00 pesos.

The user who transmits the streaming through any channel or digital, virtual or physical medium without the written authorization of the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. agrees to pay for repair of the damage to the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. a consideration of $ 750,000.00 pesos plus twice the damage repair requested by any copyright holder.

“THE COMPANY” is not responsible for the commissions charged by Eventbrite, PayPal, Mercado Pago, Stripe or another provider of digital collection services or commissions or bank interests that are made for the purchase of services and / or products to “THE COMPANY ”. In the event of a claim, “THE USER” must contact the corresponding provider.

All purchases made by “THE USER” on the websites of “THE COMPANY” are encrypted under the SSL protocol that allows financial information, login and personal data of “THE USERS” are transmitted and received in a manner safe.


“THE COMPANY” is authorized to receive tax deductible donations from individuals and companies. When “THE USER” or any natural or legal person make a donation to “THE COMPANY”, in cash or in kind, this cannot be granted in exchange for any benefit, favor, or consideration in cash or in kind that any member, partner, advisor or employee of “THE SOCIETY” perform for the benefit of the donor or employees, partners, or relatives of the donor immediately or in the future.

A donation is understood as a gift in kind, cash or legacy that is transferred to “THE COMPANY” without there being any product or service that is granted to the donor. Donations are used 100% to fulfill the corporate purpose of “THE SOCIETY” and fulfill its mission of supporting the teaching, promotion and dissemination of the diversity of guitar music in the city of Mazatlán.

If the donor wishes to request the online digital tax receipt (CFDI) corresponding to their donation, they must send the following billing information: name or company name, RFC, donation receipt (issued by “THE COMPANY” when a donation is made) , and fiscal address, before the last business day of the month in which the donation was made to the email facturacion@guitarramazatlan.org

In order to issue the CFDI corresponding to the donation, the donor must comply with all the regulations in force in the Income Tax Law and its Regulations, the Federal Tax Code and its Regulations and the Miscellaneous Tax Resolutions issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of the Government of Mexico. It is important that the donation is made through a bank account in the name of the person requesting the invoice in order to deliver the corresponding CFDI.

Residents abroad who wish to request a tax-deductible receipt should send their fiscal address and full name to the email facturacion@guitarramazatlan.org



Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C., better known as Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, with address at Calle Zacatecas 935, Colonia Sánchez Celis, Mazatlán city, Mazatlán municipality or delegation, c.p. 82120, in the entity of Sinaloa, country Mexico, and internet portal www.guitarramazatlan.org, is responsible for the use and protection of your personal data, and in this regard we inform you of the following:

For what purposes will we use your personal data?

The personal data that we collect from you will be used for the following purposes that are necessary for the service you request:

To verify your identity when purchasing tickets and merchandise. To send the products and services purchased to your physical address or email.

Additionally, we will use your personal information for the following secondary purposes that are not necessary for the requested service, but that allow and facilitate us to provide you with better care:

To send event invitations by email. Make a profile about your behavior on the website. To send event invitations to your home address. To invite you to donate to the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C. To send you offers about our products or services. In case you do not want your personal data to be used for these secondary purposes, please indicate it below by sending an email to hola@guitarramazatlan.org with the following information:

I do not consent to my personal data being used for the following purposes:

[] To send event invitations by email
[] Make a profile about your behavior on the website
[] To send event invitations to your home
[] To invite you to donate to the Sociedad de la Guitarra Mazatlán, A.C.
[] To send you offers about our products or services

The refusal to use your personal data for these purposes may not be a reason for us to deny the services and products that you request or contract with us.

Where can I consult the comprehensive privacy notice? To learn more about the terms and conditions in which your personal data will be processed, such as the third parties with whom we share your personal information and the way in which you can exercise your ARCO rights, you can consult the comprehensive privacy notice at:

Go to www.guitarramazatlan.org/en/privacy/. For interpretation matters the language that applies to this Privacy Policy is Spanish. To read the Privacy Policy in Spanish visit www.guitarramazatlan.org/privacidad/.